Blovelight has been an important supplier for many giant companies for many years. Our customers include many top 500 companies in the world and well-known enterprises in China. We have the expertise of high efficiency, high precision manufacturing and many processing operations. In order to meet the new challenges, we have new technology input every year. It is difficult to confine ourselves to a few types of operations to implement the new operating standards. Our commitment to our customers is to help them solve manufacturing problems. The goal of Blu-ray Precision is to improve the quality, efficiency and operation mode of the process through innovative manufacturing solutions.

    Composite assembly process

    With the increasing demand of domestic consumer electronics products, the manufacturing technology and technical means of products are also changing with each passing day. In order to meet the needs of consumer electronics products, new functions and the shaping of the overall special style of products, the composite assembly process will replace the traditional assembly process quickly in the follow-up. At present, Blovelight company provides professional customized composite assembly process for domestic first-line well-known brand companies, and eventually realizes mass production and delivery, which is recognized by customers.

    LIM Molding of liquid silica gel

    Blovelight is a well-known brand in China, providing LIM liquid silica gel and plastic parts in one plastic parts. And according to the customer's product performance, parameters and other requirements, to provide professional technical solutions and material selection suggestions, so as to ensure that the final forming parts, in airtight, dust-proof, waterproof and other performance aspects, to meet the customer's required accuracy requirements.

    Injection Molding of Special Engineering Materials

    Blovelight has been providing high-quality special engineering materials and plastic parts for customers in Europe, America, Japan and Hong Kong and Taiwan for a long time. The equipment (moulding, injection moulding, testing) belongs to the top equipments in the industry. Combining with the rigorous and rigorous process management process, rich technical experience, the whole production process is strictly guaranteed. Provide stable and high quality plastic parts to customers.


    In the era of smartphones, waterproofing has become a luxury function. After all, if we want to maintain the characteristics of light and thin mobile phones, high-definition large screen display, etc. in line with the needs of ordinary consumers, and also have good waterproof and dust-proof performance, this is undoubtedly a harsh requirement. Blovelight Precision has achieved this process through more than 10 years of continuous improvement and practice, and formed a new manufacturing standard for moulds and products. In this technical operation, it is very mature. It can formulate waterproof implementation plan according to different types of customers and product performance requirements. At present, we continue to provide quality and stable waterproof parts for the top 500 enterprises in the world.

    Forming of sheet metal in die

    Blovelight introduced the automatic feeding and unloading equipment of the five-axis servo robot in Japan (STAR) to ensure that the process yield, die failure rate and production efficiency are improved, and the process cycle is maintained at 25-28 seconds/module, thus realizing all-weather automatic cycle operation.


    Optical Communication Microlens Product Scheme

    Optical communications plastic microlens product solutions 5G, AI, high-definition visual transmission to promote the leap-forward development of optical communications applications. In the field of optical communication, Blovelight focuses on optical communication Lens& Ferrule products for more than 10 years, covering the application of plastic microlens products of 10G~100G~400G rate optical modules in TO-Can/COB packaging mode, and providing solutions for various application scenarios. Our solutions include product application scenario analysis, performance parameter setting, optical and structural design, die and product realization, product testing and design parameter comparison, reliability and matching verification, etc.

    R&D and production of finished products

    Blovelight cooperates with well-known Japanese enterprises to jointly develop and produce hair dryers and other products, and strives to provide consumers with high-quality products.


    Non-standard Hardware Customization

    With the ever-changing demand of new energy vehicles in the market, Blu-ray gathers a large number of high-end people to participate in the research and development and verification of new energy non-standard hardware. At present, Blovelight continuously provides high-quality services for well-known enterprises at home and abroad.



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