Blovelight is a company that attaches great importance to technology and management. In the course of its development, Blu-ray continuously invests in advanced hardware and software, and establishes special departments to continuously improve the quality, technology, environment, human resources, information and knowledge management systems, and strives to train high-quality and high-tech talents; and through a series of improvement and innovation activities, it ensures the stable development of the company. And make the company enjoy a certain reputation in the industry with "excellent technology, excellent quality, accurate delivery, first-class service".
      The company attaches great importance to the harmony of employees'working and living environment, actively creates a participatory and equal cultural atmosphere, extensively carries out a series of cultural activities, provides as many stages as possible, and creates "home" warmth.
      Professional Technology: Expertise Technology
      Quality first: Excellence quality
      Team spirit
      Growing Together: Common Development

      Our Five Excellent Quality

      1. Delivery on time to our factories and our customers
      2. High-quality mentality must be checked at the starting point
      3. Attitudes to reduce waste in terms of time, cost, manpower and other resources
      4. A culture of continuous improvement through new processes and technologies
      5. Strong team spirit within the company

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