Blovelight is a leading supplier of ODM and OEM services for die and metal parts, product painting and precision assembly enterprises in South China, ranging from design, manufacturing, spraying to finished product assembly. Blovelight was founded in 2005, in the development process, adhere to & ldquo; professional technology, quality first, team spirit, common growth & rdquo; business philosophy, with & ldquo; high, fine, sharp & rdquo; as the goal, to provide customers with precision molds, plastic parts and hardware parts.
      Although the company is very young, but has a number of high-quality management and technical personnel. Since its inception, we have adhered to the quality policy of “ technology-based, customer-oriented and all-staff quality control Excellence & rdquo; quality policy, with “ high, fine and sharp & rdquo; as the goal, to provide customers with the best mould, the best product is our main task. The company's product business layout is 4:3:3, that is, 40% of automotive parts products, 30% of OA office products, 30% of medical and optical fiber communication products. The company's main customers are: 35% for Japanese customers, 35% for European and American customers, 30% for domestic and Hong Kong and Taiwan customers. We have been providing high-quality products for many international and domestic well-known enterprises using the industry's cutting-edge technology for a long time.

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